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NEWEST PRODUCT OFFERED BY GLOBAL TRENDS – Metallic ring mesh is made from small metal rings linked together to form a unique design. The most recent usage of the metallic ring mesh fabric has taken place in textiles used for retail and restaurant settings.
[toggle title=”READ MORE” color=”white”]The 3D industrial look and the metallic effect give dramatic look to any application. Great for many architectural & commercial projects allowing transmission of light while making the space more trendy. The ring mesh adds color, texture, geometry and uniqueness to any space. The materials used to make the rings range from stainless steel for exterior application to aluminum alloy, brass, copper, and zinc alloy and more. Ring drapery is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications such as room dividers, ceiling covers, window coverings and shade structure for hospitality, commercial industries, and resturant settings creating a “wow” effect . Chainmail is appropriate to be used indoor and outdoor being flexible, strong and sturdy limiting any environmental stress. Global Trends new drapery will give your space an edgy, contemporary feel at an affordable price.[/toggle]

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