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If you’re hunting for unique modern window treatment, then you’ll be thrilled with many of the options available. The unique modern sleek beaded drapery is available in a variety of finishes, colors, and perfect for enhancing any decorative emphasis.
[toggle title=”READ MORE” color=”white”]Customers use chain link drapery as a textile substitute great for variety of projects. Metal beaded drapery is great for commercial, retail hospitality, restaurant, and modern designs. Other applications include lighting, merchandizing, display decor and more. Three dimensional textures add uniqueness to any projects, events, clubs, restaurant or club. Beaded drapery is trendy and great as a partition and divider.Metal Drapery has become popular among architects and designers. Currently many designers use them in hospitality, retail, and restaurant environments. Beads and link chain are used to diffuse light and conserve energy while keeping the view. Light is allowed to flow between the beaded strings illuminating the elegant detail of each beaded curtain, while at the same time drawing the eye upward to witness the dramatic sweep of the light show.[/toggle]

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