Global Trends offer variety of wooden panels to add texture, color, 3 dimensionality to your design project.
[toggle title=”READ MORE” color=”white”]Our collection varies from Modern wall MDF or bamboo pulp panels to Rustic wood pieces back mounted on mesh in a woven layout of rustic handmade tiles. Choose from our designs or give us your CAD drawing to create your own art with shortest lead time. Our products are Easy to install depending on the design and application. Carved panels are color resistant, moisture proof and Warp resistance with easy installation. The panels are widely used for wall and ceiling installations commercially and residentially, but they can be adapted for an added element in any situation. The carved panels and wooden Mosaics can transform any space into an outdoor setting. Our materials can be directly installed to drywall giving your walls a dramatic look while adding architectural elements to your space. These Wood products are an alternative to paint, giving your design a three-dimensionality, texture, and depth to create uniqueness. Your professional design ideas can be made possible by Global Trends combining architectural form with function to your space in artful ways.[/toggle]


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