Create rich memorable space using honeycomb resin. Different core material creates different dazzling eye catching environment. A structure and frame work of hexagonal, circular and random thin-walled cells combine and form a honeycomb.
[toggle title=”READ MORE” color=”white”]Easily add ambiance to any outdoor and indoor setting with this beautiful, all-in-one wall panels. Honey comb resin creates insulation, texture, color and light to your space. Innovative resin panel with combination of the honeycomb structure within PETG LEED certified product completes architectural design by attracting eye of the viewers. The innovative inter layer core “Honeycomb” differs from the others in the range being extremely flexible for usage, blends easily with individual decor, and is ideal for public, private, and corporate spaces. Architects and designers have used LED lighting for illumination of their space behind their honeycomb panels reflecting the needs for the information and entertainments. These wall panels can be used for interior applications or exterior facade projects. Our panels can be used frame-less to substitute building facade as a hi performing ecological large screens.[/toggle]


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