Prism is a mixture of inter laying tiles mixed with inspiring, impressive and innovative design. A prism-shaped decorative glass luster represents ice in different planes catching the eyes of viewers.
[toggle title=”READ MORE” color=”white”]Highest quality crystal icicle are great idea to create memorable space and dazzling effect. Each Piece of resin transparent glass material cut with precise angles and plane faces making a memorable experience of your space. Prisms analyze space light and refract in many direction. A triangular prism can separate white light into its constituent colors by refracting each different wavelength by varying amount. The light from one angle breaks to different arrays of colors which use different wavelength of light spectrum. The result is the spectrum of visible light and creating a rainbow effect. Prisms are used in luxury decor and as a unique unexpected feature. Many client in the field of hospitality, commercial high end setting, and unique residential wall use the prism to give unexpected feature to the eyes of viewers with impeccable attention to details.[/toggle]

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